Friday, 24 July 2009

Tron Legacy Movie Trailer

Tron Legacy Movie Trailer - Tron 2 TrailerHere below the HD movie trailer of Tron Legacy aka Tron 2, which is basically the same as the one previously released but this time in gorgeous quality:


Don't tell the MCP of Tron 2 that it's just a game, it makes him lose his bytes and go crazy!

The movie Tron Legacy in its CGI glory is going to be mesmerizing! So impatient to watch the full movie Tron 2!


biopy said...

you gotta remember, this was back in the day when nobody had a computer. If you wonder how the 1982 TRON movie was, check the video in my blog.

Anonymous said...

So nice to finally see it 'official' instead of the hand-cammed Comicon footage.
The CGI of 'young' Jeff Bridge's face is a little worrisome though. It looks like a muppet. In this day and age of CGI I hope they do a better job for the full movie. And the guy he's chasing looks a little goofy in the opening shot, and also when he crashes and spins around, but maybe it'l look cooler in 3D.
Everything else looks great and I love th music.
Can't wait!

SCADASEC-L said...

For the life of me, I CANNOT seem to find *who* did the music for the *OFFICIAL* Tron Legacy trailer.

Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what music plays at the end of the trailer?

Brandon said...

to all looking for the song- daft punk is handling the ENTIRE soundtrack, songs names as in specifics i dont know yet